Wineries & Breweries

In an increasingly competitive market, reach a larger mass of targeted enthusiasts directly and gain valuable data on market performance.

Transform and target your routes to market.

Target specific consumers for specific wines and beers.

Traditional models involve shipping cases of wine or beer to a distributor floor and either hoping for the best or pouring money into wrangling time for tastings and promotions.

Our Managed Commerce Services model studies propensity data and purchasing behaviors and creates strategies to target enthusiasts who’ll enjoy your bottles and purchase again.

Sell more cases and bottles.

Focus on winemaking and brewing.
Let us manage eCommerce.

Operating a vineyard, brewery, and tasting rooms with tours can be a lot to handle. So can operating a high-grossing online store, while keeping inventory in sync and executing growth campaigns.

We focus purely on strategies that help you move more volume, increase revenue, and scale profitability.

Marketing agencies focus on activities of questionable performance and charge a fee regardless. Is your marketing firm asking you the right questions?

Shared platforms like Vinoshipper simply offer a joint web platform (think Uber Eats) for you to enter your inventory into but stop short at working as a member of your team to grow your brand and revenue.

Your success is ours.

Focus on winemaking and brewing.
Let us manage eCommerce.

Our Managed Commerce Service model ties our success to each one of your sales. 

Unlike marketing agencies or other managed professional services, our revenue is tied directly to each sale you make.

We work with your team to develop strategic, comprehensive sales plans and ensure the entire process is smooth–right down to order fulfillment in the warehouse.

A winning formula.




Understanding your current sales processes and revenue streams is usually an important step that’s skipped over by marketing or web development firms.

As a focused Managed Commerce Professional Services firm, we build strategies that amplify your existing operations.

Example questions to think about:

  • Do you have an existing sales team and compensation structure?
  • What’s the story behind your winery/brewery? Let’s target drinkers whom that story would resonate with.
  • What are your current user acquisition tactics? How do you retain them for future purchases?
  • Does your current pricing work in an online model?



Leave all aspects of building and operating your online operations to us–including handling shipping costs, taxes, and receiving payments. 

You’ll receive regular transfers and reports, detailing gross sales, processing fees, and Continuum’s performance fee.

We’ll also constantly analyze data and provide strategic business reviews multiple times a year.



Our ultimate goal and what our success is tied to.

We run your business’ digital operations like it’s our own and continuously support and train your staff for fulfillment and customer service.

We’ll guide you and execute on campaigns and ad spend, while coordinating with your production schedules, etc.

How one winery grew their online sales 100x by letting go of their eCommerce operations.

A beautiful, family-run winery in Virginia decided to trust us with their entire eCommerce operation after years of stagnating regional business and difficulty competing against West Coast wines on the national level.

Through strategic conversations, a rapid buildout of commerce architecture, and no additional staff, this winery’s national direct-to-consumer business is several times larger than their existing physical business.

The only staff they had to add was on the wine production side…to keep up with demand!