Managed eCommerce Services to multiply your revenue with existing staff.

A Strategic Foundation

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Growth-Driven Decisions

Quality first. All projects are backed by our fanatic support & 100% satisfaction guarantee.

An Operating Partner

Continuum operates each digital business as if it were our own. No need for duplicate agencies, overhead, or headcount. Our model ties long-term compensation to your revenue. A true partnership.

Streamlined Finances

Continuum handles all customer transactions, shipping, merchant, and credit card fees and deposits a lump sum to your business with detailed reporting, analytics, and intelligence on sales performance.

Continuum Managed Commerce Services
compared to a traditional buildout

The Managed Services Advantage

Continuum takes a partnership-based approach towards planning, managing, and operating every aspect about your eCommerce. We're compensated as your revenue grows. No need for the project management and coordination of various agencies and the overhead of W-2 employees.

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No additional staffing needed - what's included:

  • Strategic assessment and collaboration with Continuum senior leadership
  • Complete build of eCommerce platform to handle foundational growth
  • Determination of growth plan, including features/campaigns
  • Configuration and optimization of all SKUs
  • Execution and optimization of marketing campaigns
  • eCommerce specific design needs
  • Omnichannel coordination with other business leads for promotions
  • Reporting on SKU performance and demographic user behavior
  • Data-driven business decisions

Traditional Agency Approach

A traditional approach towards building out and managing an eCommerce operation involves selecting numerous agencies and a staff to manage those agencies. Ultimately, agencies are paid for their action but not results (revenue).

Minimum staffing for a traditional eCommerce approach

  • Design Agency + Internal Creative Director to manage agency
  • Development Agency + Internal IT Director to manage agency
  • Marketing Agency + Internal Marketing Director to manage agency
  • Operations Staff for ongoing operations and support
Outgrow your competition

Continuum-managed sites grow bigger faster.

Plus additional advantages and efficiencies for better business outcomes:

We've been growing businesses since 2005

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